Online Video Resources

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Where possible I have linked to the full online versions of these resources denoted by a flash player icon and full downloads with a icon. Because of some silly copyright laws I can't hook you guys up with everything so you'll have to resort to google and other means for some alternative sources. (Tip: a good syntax is 'Title of what you're looking for' + 'rapid' or 'rapidshare' - alternatively just use filestube)
Otherwise check this site for many of the documentaries.


National Geographic Ape Genius

BBC Horizon: Chimps are People Too
Deals with extrapolation of experimental findings from chimps to humans

National Geographic Neanderthal Code

National Geographic: My Brilliant Brain 1 2 3

Changing Brains

God on the Brain
About people who believe they have been touched by God

Robert DeNiro was nominated for an oscar for his performance in this movie which cxplores the world of Parkinson's disease and the ethical implications of using L-DOPA to treat patients

Placebo: Cracking the Code 1 2
Documentary about the placebo effect

Discovery Channel Weird Science: Power of the Placebo


BBC Eyewitness Series
BBC Special with actual real-world experiments on eyewitness testimony

Murder on a Sunday Morning
Documentary on a murder trial great for illustrating problems with reconstructive memory

Discovery Channel Science of Interrogation

BBC Horizon Special on Memory
Discusses many interesting facets of memory including anterograde amnesia, Alzheimer's and propranolol and PTSD

Kim Peek - The Real Rain Man
Kim Peek is the man the movie Rain Man was based upon. He was truly incredible, unfortunately this autistic savant recently deceased.

The Boy with the Incredible Brain
Another savant movie but Daniel Tammat is different. He does not lack the social skills that most savants do. Just watch, he's amazing.

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
Related to PTSD and propranolol research

How to Make Better Decisions


The Jamie Kennedy Experiment Google YouTube


ALONE: The Brain, Sensory Deprivation and Isolation
Experiment where they place willing participants in solitary confinement and examine the psychological effects

What's the Problem with Nudity?

Discovering Psychology: The Power of the Situation

A Class Divided
Documentary about a cool experiment on superiority based on eye color

Documentary on US consumerist culture

Human Relationships

BBC Secret of the Sexes
Touches on the origins of attraction and maintaining relationships

Discovery Channel - Science of Sex Appeal
Biological factors influencing attraction. The link splits it into little 2 minute snippets

Quiet Rage
Stanford Prison Experiment

The Truth About Violence

Tough Guise: Violence, Media & the Crisis in Masculinity

Special on prejudice

The Modern Racist Paradigm

Abnormal and Health Psychology

HBO Documentary about eating disorders in US

NOVA Dying to be Thin 1 2 3

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

People Say I'm Crazy (1989)

Multiple Personalities

How Mad Are You?

The Man Who Ate His Lover

Challenges preconceptions about the stigma of psychopaths

Follows real people with addiction problems culminating in an intervention


Great show on constructing scientific experiments

Bad Science Blog

Penn and Teller's Bullshit
Although mainly for entertainment purposes they do clever experiments from time to time to test simple things that prove their point.


The Million Dollar Mind-Reader
Derek Ogilvie claims to be able to read young infants' minds

The Human Mind

Yale Open Courses
These are downloadable video and audio lectures from Yale. I can highly recommend the Paul Bloom lectures

The Happiness Formula
Six part BBC series on positive psychology

Harvard Lecture on Positive Psychology

BBC Horizon: Why Do We Dream

PBS Carl Jung The Wisdom of the Dream
This one is split into 17 parts but they're all on that site

Matter of Heart
Documentary on Carl Jung

The Horse Boy
A documentary about a boy with autism which offers different perspectives and insights into the mysterious world of autism.

Dr Money and the Boy with no Penis
A BBC Horizon special on the David Reimer case. Everybody who discovers this finds it incredibly interesting. It is an intersex case about a child whose penis is destroyed and how the family and Dr Money deal with the unthinkable situation. A must see. Highly controversial and ethically contentious.

Secret Life of the Wild Child
Documentary on the tragic story of the feral child Genie

Good Will Hunting
For those of you interested in psychotherapy.

In Treatment
Excellent show on HBO about psychotherapy.  Only 20 minute episodes but they fly by

Lie to Me
This show is based on Ekman's work on microexpressions and detection of deception (i.e. lying). It is overdramatized at times, so to remain critical check out Humintell's blog who points out the embellishments after each episode