IB Psychology Exam Technique Secrets Now Available!

Exam Technique Secrets is finally done and ready to help you get the 7 you deserve on IB Psychology. It has been extensively reviewed and is now published and available for download for under $10. All of the content is original and includes all of the information I pass on to students at revision courses.

The book focuses mainly on exam technique and is concise being under 20 pages of quality information. Just go ask your parent or guardian, I have little doubt they will say no to $10 to help relieve some exam anxiety and help you maximize your marks.

I would like to hear your feedback ibpsychtutor@gmail.com.


  1. Hi,
    I have my finals in Psychology HL this May. I was wondering whether the contents of this book are still relevant to me, or has the syllabus changed since you wrote this guide?

    1. Hi Otto,

      I intentionally wrote the secrets guide so it would work even if the syllabus changes. The guide is mainly about answering in ways that demonstrate your knowledge and answer questions effectively. It's the compressed version of what I taught at Lanterna courses.

      Good luck on your exams :)