Biological Page Updated

The site has received a makeover so it is much cleaner and easier to navtiage. I have updated the biological page and fixed some broken links. More fixes are on the way. Remember you can always email me feedback or suggestions to improve this site.

Upcoming Updates

I have been very busy with school and have not updated in a while. I am currently creating my ultimate study guides which will be available as a downloadable PDF.

The titles include:

  • Exam Technique - The inside information I give to all my students for nailing exam technique which includes information from the annual Psychology Subject Reports and Mark Schemes
  • Nailing the Internal Assessment - In this guide all of the information required to achieve a high mark in the IA will be provided
  • Last Minute Study Guides - Condensed versions of the material I deliver at Lanterna's revision courses where I go over the entire syllabus (excluding options) in just 16 hours
These are my current priority and then I will update some of the free content on here which is still missing some important details.

Happy Revising :)

Videos Back up

My apologies for the videos being down. I have reactivated my 4shared account and they should all be working now. Please report any broken links and I will fix them.