Seductive Male Dance Moves

Ever wondered why some men get all the ladies in dance clubs while others struggle to attract any attention.  Recent research using participants viewing dancing avatars reveals that a dynamic dance repertoire is considered more magnetic than a repetitive dance routine.

What's wrong with this study?  The avatars are faceless with, at best, a poor representation of the male body type.  A huge confounding variable is the attractiveness of the dancer which is not considered because faces are not even included in the study.  How muscular, broad-shouldered and symmetrical the faces and bodies of actual humans are remain absent making the study of little importance in the real world. At best the study can conclude that that digital beings find avatars more attractive when their dance moves vary.  This does not, however, diminish the pioneering quality of this study.  Further research into actual male attractiveness and his dance moves is necessary to further explain the effect of male dancing style on pick-ups in the club.

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