Maxim Sex Survey: What Women Want

This is my kind of survey. Men's magazines do the same things as women's magazines but raunchier, and Maxim is probably my favorite. Some of their findings are hilarious: 40% of women surveyed watch porn once or twice a month and 81% do not want you to attempt entry into their backdoor without asking first (be polite ;). Women also want an hour of foreplay!

Good news for men - 89% of women still enjoy sex even if they don't climax. The room most chosen besides the bedroom for sex by women was the kitchen.

Onto criticism, the most important of which is probably the sampling method. Nearly half of the women surveyed were from big cities in the US which relates to the next problem. Only US residents were surveyed and because the sample wasn't stratified so not only are the results not representative of the US population they definitely cannot be extrapolated to women from different countries with other sexual appetites and histories. Furthermore, the article says it gathered its data with the help of The Frisky and Lemon Drop. If you check out those sites you can see that a certain type of woman frequents those sites which will affect the results of the survey. Women in the target age group should have been surveyed from different socioeconomic backgrounds, education levels and city sizes.

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